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Good news, Brandon watchers! Brandon is doing better this morning, and the meds they have him on seem to be doing the job. His oxygen through the vent is at 50% (they had increased it late yesterday to 60%, but were able to bring it back down this morning), but the pressure was reduced this morning, which is really good news. He was sedated this morning to have his PICC line inserted and all went well with that procedure. The docs decided not to redo the radial artery line. While it is normal procedure for them to change them out if they were done at a different hospital, they said this morning that, since the tests they are running through that line are only being done a couple of times a day, if they take it out they are not going to put a new one in, so they will just leave the one that’s there.

In other news, Brandon has developed a fungal skin rash on his back that is somewhat common for patients who spend a lot of time in bed, but the staff is treating with a topical cream and his nurse is going to investigate possibly adding an anti-fungal med through the new PICC IV line . . .

When I left the hospital last night, word on the street was that Brandon would be on the vent for another several days, but as of this morning, they think he may be able to come off the vent a little sooner, so I will keep you posted. Please keep up the prayers – they are doing amazing things!


Brandon had a bit of a rough day today. His grandma had surgery this morning, and so our entire extended family was at the hospital. As a result, Brandon had a lot of visitors and he seemed to get a little worn out. Tomorrow morning, the team is going to be replacing Brandon’s central line (the one up by his collar bone) with something called a PICC line. It goes into the arm near the elbow and gets threaded up the arm and into the main vein that returns blood to the heart. Once they are done with that, they will be replacing the radial artery line in his other arm . . . all in all, tomorrow is going to be a pain in more ways than one. I am really hoping that Brandon will be able to lay low, so to speak. The docs want to make sure that he is getting plenty of rest. The damage to his lungs will never be repaired, but with proper rehabilitation, his lungs will be able to compensate for the damage. In the meantime, it is going to be a long road to recovery. Please keep the prayers and messages of encouragement coming!

We have a diagnosis! Confirmed by pathology! ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) with an underlying cause of Acute Eosinophilic Pneumonia. The treatment is steroids & antibiotics, but he will probably have to stay on the ventilator for another several days. If everything goes well, hopefully, he will be home in time for New Year’s. In the meantime, keep the prayers coming, and any messages of encouragement will be passed along ASAP.

A link to the Wikipedia page about EP is here.

For anyone who would like to share a message with Brandon, OSF has an e-card option on their website. Here is the link. Just remember when you are filling out the patient information, he is registered here at the hospital as Christopher B. Forbis, room 4121.

Good morning! Brandon had a good night last night. He seemed to rest fairly well, and is a little more alert this morning. He seems to understand that he has been in the hospital a week, but I don’t know for sure if he is totally aware of what all is going on. He wants so desperately to communicate, and the staff wants him to rest, so we are at a bit of an impasse. When he is trying to communicate, he gets frustrated and then gets worked up, and when he does, he doesn’t get rest, so we are trying to limit the amount of time we are spending in his room to 5 minutes at a time. For the time being, we would still discourage visitors, but if you would like to post a message on his wall or post a comment on any of the blog entries, we will make sure that he sees them as soon as he is feeling a little better. Thank you for your continued prayers. They are working!