Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away I had a Yahoo email address. And that was all. I would search the web for information and I would check my email. Most of it was spam, but I felt “connected” to those people that actually took the time to email me. A lot of it was informational – when a meeting was, events coming up, etc. Sometimes, it was just to catch up – what have you been doing, this is what I have been doing. And then someone created Google. And imdb. And Facebook. And Twitter. And Shutterfly. And Blogspot. The internet has become a personal black hole, and I am being sucked in. I have a cell phone that I can use to check my email addresses (yes, that is now plural) and I can tweet, post, or blog just by texting. I knew when I got married that I was acquiring a certain amount of geek-by-marriage in my life. I just didn’t know how contagious it was. The geek makes fun of me now. Apparently, I spend too much time checking my email, playing my Facebook games, uploading photos, and tweeting, so of course I have decided to create a blog for the whole world to see!

I really have no idea where this is going to go, but my other blog is just for stuff related to family events and photos, so this will probably be my place to ramble, muse, ponder and vent. And if no one ever reads it, that’s fine, too. I have learned in my life that the process of writing it down helps to clarify thought. And in a world of so much “connectedness”, a little clarity of thought may not be such a bad thing.

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