Change of plans . . . the docs at Pekin Hospital have decided that it is in Brandon’s best interest to move over to OSF St. Francis. It is the considered opinion that, as the docs at OSF have more experience with cases like this, Brandon will be better off there. OSF also has more resources as far as equipment, etc. for oxygenation than Pekin does, so moving him will also afford more opportunitiesĀ for treatment. Finally, the docs at Pekin feel that moving Brandon now will be better than waiting until such time that moving him becomes a medical necessity.

Brandon already has a room reserved and OSF is prepared to receive him, so we are just waiting for Pekin to coordinate transport and then we will be road tripping. I will post more as soon as I know something.

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  1. Trish Szentes says:

    I hope and pray that OSF doctors can figure out what is going on with Brandon and can get him on the road to recovery! Saying lots of prayers for him and the family! Glad this blog is available for updates, thank you Donna!

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